Commit 3a1df6b8 authored by Timo Tegtmeier's avatar Timo Tegtmeier

Added locales

parent 3fdeaa27
......@@ -21,6 +21,17 @@
"systemXHR": { "description": "Needed for feed retrieval" },
"storage": { "description": "Needed to store feed data" },
"desktop-notification": { "description": "Needed show notification about new stories" }
"default_locale": "en",
"locales": {
"de": {
"name": "FeedReader",
"description": "Ein schneller und vielseitiger RSS/ATOM Reader"
"fr": {
"name": "FeedReader",
"description": "Un puissant agrégateur de flux RSS/ATOM"
"orientation": "portrait-primary",
"messages": [{
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