Commit a6e40db1 authored by Timo Tegtmeier's avatar Timo Tegtmeier

Removed no longer needed files

parent 8eeaec17
1: updates arrive if app is closed
2: updates arrive if app is open
1: Leaving the prefs instantly applies all settings in
every scene
2: All settings work as intended
1: app open and maximized, feedlist active Dashboard should not appear
2: app open and minimized, feedlist active Dashboard should appear
3: app open and maximized, other scene active Dashboard should appear
4: app open and minimized, other scene active Dashboard should appear
5: app closed Dashboard should appear
6: Tapping on dashboard leads to feedlist scene
7: app closed, opening the app makes the dashboard
8: app open, dashboard open, opening feedlist scene
makes the dashboard disappear
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